Things You Can Do When You Have Low Energy

Things You Can Do When You Have Low Energy - these tips may help you get some energy back.
Things You Can Do When You Have Low Energy

Things You Can Do When You Have Low Energy

There are things you can do when you have low energy but first it’s important to know that there is a difference between low energy, burnout, grief, and depression.

Burnout is caused by a constant giving of yourself without refueling with selfcare, taking space or setting healthy boundaries.

Grief is a different kind of sadness. If you are going through grief, talk to someone, like a friend or a mental health professional.

Depression is an overwhelming feeling of despair that doesn’t just go away. If depression lingers or suicidal thoughts show up, it may be time to talk to a therapist.

Low energy can be caused by weather, hormone changes, relationship changes, and lack of sleep. While this list is not exhaustive, if you have low energy some of these tips may help you get some energy back. If you think you have a medical concern for your low energy, contact your doctor.

Things you can do when you have low energy

1. ADd water

By taking a shower or adding a bath to our day when we feel low energy, it will help give you a boost. You can methodically wash the terrible feeling away. Feeling the water rush over you and being clean will naturally lift your mood.

2. Get Dressed

You don’t need to put on a suit or dress, but putting on regular day clothes will make you feel industrious. If you want to maintain comfort, at least put on clean loungewear. 

3. Keep Smiling

You do not have to be fake but we can always think of one thing to smile about. Take time to feel the frown but offer yourself a glance in the mirror of your beautiful smile. 

4. Ask a friend for help

If you need help getting motivated, see if a friend will join you on a walk or out for coffee/tea.

5. Stretch

Sitting, standing or laying, move your limbs. Stretch your arms and legs. Tense muscles and release them. Take a full body stretch. For specific energy boosting stretches, click HERE.

6. BE grateful

Look around and find one thing you are grateful for. It can be as simple as having a bed to sleep in or maybe you have great connections or something materialistic that makes you feel grateful. Own it, say it, and revel in the feeling of gratitude.

7. Break large tasks into smaller goals

Tell yourself you will do 3 minutes of a task (dishes, laundry, housework, homework, reading). When you start doing it with a smaller, more attainable goal, you will accomplish more.

8. Stay in

If socializing is adding to your feeling of low energy or overwhelm, you can tell your friends and family you cannot make it to an event. If possible give notice but saying I can not give any more energy today is better than suffering through things.

9. Procrastinate

That seems counterproductive but if you really do not have the physical, emotional or psychological energy, offer yourself the compassion to let it go.

10. Take a digital detox

Taking a break from social media allows you the time to think and reflect on your feelings. You will have more time for mindfulness, movement, being in nature, and getting a good night sleep. 

11. Work from home

If you can work from home, ask to do it. If your energy will not add to the workspace see if you can work in your own space.

Tomorrow is a new day

I hope you found these things you can do  when you have low energy helpful. Remember, a bad minute, day or week doesn’t mean you have a bad life. Do the best you can on days that your energy is low. Sometimes just getting up is an accomplishment. Reward yourself for what you did manage to accomplish in the day. 

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