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Sagacious Counselling and Wellness Support was built on the Solution-Focused Model, which means we believe you have the strength, resiliency and expertise to get through the current stressors. Our job is to ask you great questions to bring that back to the forefront of your mind. Sagacious Counselling & Wellness is an Alberta Psychological Centre that specializes in in-person & virtual counselling sessions.

We work with our clients in the present situation and build future hopes & goals.

Walking With You On Your Journey

We can find helpful solutions in the present to help empower you to support your wellness goals in the future.

While Sagacious Counselling starts the therapeutic process in the present with future focused goals, we can also walk with you back to your childhood, traumatic experiences, and negative core beliefs to see where patterns of behavior or coping started for you.

In this rich exploration of your environment, personality, and biological features, we can gather important information that helps build timeline of your journey and a story of who you are and a picture of who you want to be walking forward.

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“The therapeutic connection is critical to a successful counselling experience. I would be honoured to hear your story.”

- Jennifer MacKinnon

About Sagacious Counselling

Jennifer MacKinnon

As a Canadian registered and licensed Counsellor Jennifer MacKinnon strives to provide a safe, judgement-free environment. Therefore, she utilizes a collaborative approach with her clients to ensure their therapy goals are met. Jennifer helps her clients by accessing emotions, using logical reasoning, and identifying their strengths from their experience, all while offering insight and education along the way.

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Feel safe telling your story

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