Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

There are many benefits of seeing a counsellor. Here are a list of things that might be signs it's time to talk to a counsellor.
Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

There are many benefits of seeing a counsellor. With all the things happening around the world, community, and in our homes, how do we know when our emotional wellness level is low? I think it’s safe to say we are living in a different world than we were even a few years ago. Our social interactions have changed, our coping mechanisms have had to be modified, and life as we know it isn’t the same.

Of course, everyone reacts to stress differently, but in the pursuit of trying to help others, I have put together a list of things that might be signs that talking to a counsellor or mental health support could be beneficial. 

Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor & Signs To Watch Out For

You are isolating from others

Isolating from others can look like not texting back as often or at all. Cancelling plans you were really excited about is an isolating behaviour. When talking to friends you might avoid most conversations asking about how you are or what is new for you and focusing all attention on the other person. 

If you are not enjoying things

Not enjoying things you used to love can be temporary due to illness, weather, or being too busy. When you have had long term hobbies that you once loved but now avoid, it can be a reason to reach out to a counsellor. 

If your mood seems erratic

Sometimes we feel like our emotions are all over the place, from laughing to crying to anger. Mood shifts are ok, but when it turns into a pattern of constant mood changes for no apparent reason, it is something you could look at in-depth with a counsellor. Sometimes it’s stress, hormones, or feeling overwhelmed; but for others it may be something deeper.

If you feel empty

There are times in life where we just feel defeated and empty. We have nothing left to give and we are DONE! When this happens, it is important to talk to someone about what can be done to refill ourselves so we can continue in our lives. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

If you feel alone

Have you ever been in a group of people yet feel totally alone? You are not alone; many people feel this in their lives and it is normal. When speaking to a mental health professional you can look at what allows this feeling to hold on. 

Low Self Esteem

We all have various degrees of self-esteem. Some people are confident physically while lacking the confidence in intelligence, while others feel highly successful in their career but not in their ability to date. By addressing unique self-esteem concerns we can live a more well-rounded life. 

Searching for a balance

Work, home, kids, partners, pets, bills, house, vacations, in-laws all have you stressed to the max. Learning ways to balance all life’s stressors can be the difference between a happy you and a depressed you.

You've lost someone or something

When we lose people, places, or things that we value, it causes tremendous psychological and emotional pain. That pain can hang on for a long time and it can damage other relationships, develop addiction and change our overall demeanor. By learning healthy grief processing you can better live on after any loss.

You are having self-harming thoughts

Self-harm can come from cutting, burning or hitting one’s self, restrictive dieting, compulsive exercise or self-hate behaviours. All of these are coping mechanisms to deal with emotional pain. Learning other more positive coping mechanisms can help avoid self-harming behaviours when stressed. 

You feel stuck

Decision making is hard. It is hard to trust our instincts and make changes needed in our lives. Working on decision making charts and learning to trust yourself is a valuable skill that can be gained through counselling.

You are making a significant change

Change is hard. It is similar to loss because in order to change something we usually in turn lose something. So adapting to changes that are forced or chosen is critical in accepting the new chapter in your life. 

You can't cope anymore

You have tried everything you can think of nothing is working to make life seem better or easier. You have talked to friends and family, you have tried self-care, you learned about yourself and you still just feel like you can’t cope. It may be time to talk to a new counsellor to hear your story in a different way.

You are abusing substances

Substance abuse is on the rise due to a massive change in our society with COVID, work loss, hobby loss and other positive copying mechanisms seeming so out of reach. Perhaps you have started using substances more and want help making a plan to not let it take over your life. 

You are having trouble in relationships

Relationships (family, friends, romantic, work) and connection are at the core of who we are. Not everyone will seek counselling with you to work on the relationship you have with them, and that’s ok. You can only control your actions and your part in the puzzle. Learning about yourself is a first and big step towards having better relationships with others.

You want to die

In my experience, most people do not want to die, they want their pain to end and there seems to be no other way. Being heard, validated and respected by a counsellor can give that pain a name. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or fantasize of death, please seek counselling immediately. 

Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

Not everyone feels all of these – having a few pop out to you may be an indication that you could benefit from counselling. However, you don’t only need to seek counselling in hard times, you can seek counselling to keep momentum going on a good feeling, situation or relationship. A strong offense is the best defense. 

There are many benefits of seeing a counsellor as listed above. If you would like to reach out, please contact us and we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. 

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Jennifer MacKinnon

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Jennifer MacKinnon MA, C.C.C

Jennifer MacKinnon is a Canadian Certified Counsellor.  Throughout her career in the helping profession, Jennifer has supported people from children to seniors with various mental health development concerns through a strength-based approach.

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