Session Fees

There are a range of fee options depending on your therapist’s association, insurance coverage and slide scale availability.  There is no GST charged for one-on-one psychological services.

Individual Counselling

We offer a FREE 15-minute initial phone or video consultation. 

Couples Counselling

Our first couple’s session is booked for 75-90 minutes. We allow more time the first session so that each person can be heard; the therapist can work with you to form a plan and give you tools to use from the first session.

Slide scale options are available 

Slide Scale Sessions

There are limited spaced open to slide scale counselling sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone if payment is a concern for you. We would be happy to suggest another resource or find a scheduling and payment option that is of benefit to you.


Payment for sessions occurs after each appointment. Payment can be made with a major credit card,  e-transfer, or cash. E-transfer is to occur within the same day or before the appointment.


Cancellation of appointments made with over 24-hour notice will occur at no charge. Cancellation of appointments made within less than 24 hours will incur a charge of 100% of the appointment fee. Payment of this fee is to be paid within a week of the missed appointment.


Sagacious Counselling and Wellness Support will keep all information confidential and secure following the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Standards of Practice. Limitations to confidentiality are below. In these cases, Sagacious Counselling and Wellness Support staff would share information with the appropriate parties.

  1. If it believed that you are at imminent risk to your safety
  2. Or the safety of someone else such as a minor, seniors or persons with disabilities are being put at reasonable risk of harm
  3. A legal subpoena is issued requiring the information.


However if any of these things were to occur Sagacious Counselling would fully support you through the process

Please reach out

Feel safe telling your story

We offer a FREE 15-minute initial phone or video consultation.